Stockholm Royal Seaport

Sustainability Report


So far about 6,970 people have moved into 3,160 new homes.

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11 innovation projects are in progress within Mass Consolidation, water & wastewater and more.

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Stockholm Royal Seaport’s sustainability journey

In Stockholm Royal Seaport, former industrial land is being transformed into a green and vibrant part of Stockholm with holistic solutions that contribute to resource efficiency and reduced climate impact. New processes and solutions are tested and developed for a more sustainable future.

236 hectares
of land, of which 28% is remediated

Results and follow-up

Five goals form the basis for the sustainability work

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Gasverket building 8, the former gas building, won the 2021 Stockholm Master Builder's redevelopment prize as the project clearly demonstrates how preserving existing values can result in qualitative, long-term, and sustainable solutions.

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The area received the 2019 Swedish Landscape Architecture Prize, partly in thanks to the project creating space for vegetation which provides both a sensory experience, and also a buffer against climate change.

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Stockholm Royal Seaport received 2015 C40 Cities Awards for best sustainable urban development project in the category Sustainable Communities. The award is proof that Stockholm is an international leader in sustainable urban development.

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Stockholm Royal Seaport is one of Europe’s largest urban development projects, where former industrial land is being transformed into a city district on land owned by the City of Stockholm.