Stockholm Royal Seaport

Sustainability Report

An innovative part of the city

Stockholm Royal Seaport's sustainability profile attracts large numbers of researchers, businesses, organisations, and public sector actors looking to test and think in new ways.

Research and innovation projects

To achieve the ambitious sustainability goals for Stockholm Royal Seaport, new knowledge, systems and processes are required. About 40 research, development and innovation projects have been completed. 11 are ongoing within construction and mass consolidation, water & wastewater, digitisation, electrification and more.

A hub for innovation

News, films and visualiszations from Stockholm Royal Seaport's sustainability work.


Documents related to goals and governance, reports as well as innovation projects.


Green Space Index, Public open spaces with social value, mobility index. There are many words to keep track of in urban development. In the glossary we explain some of the most frequently occurring concepts.

Explore the hidden flows of the city

Reflow visualizes how the city is interlinked with nature and our planet. Global and local flows of energy, water and material keep the city going and makes it flourish.