Stockholm Royal Seaport

Sustainability Report

Sustainable Urban Development

Stockholm Royal Seaport is one of Europe's largest urban development projects with approximately 12,000 new homes and 35,000 workplaces by around 2030.

Project phases

To date, approximately 6,970 residents have moved into 3,160 new homes.

Early stages
Planning phase
Construction phase
Closed out

Gasverket östra


Gasverket Östra is planned for housing as well as offices and service purposes, new buildings are created and old buildings are utilized.

Start building: 2025

Completed: 2026-2029

Total housing: 170

Commercial space: 34 000 m2

Södra Värtahamnen, norra delen


Phase Södra Värtahamnen is part of the development of Värtahamnen, which will be Stockholm's new entrance from the sea side. 5,000 residents and approximately 20,000 will work here when the area is completed. 1,500 homes are being built along with 136,000m2 commercial space. This part of Södra Värtahamnen encompasses only offices.

Start building: earliest 2022

Completed: 2026

Developers: 2

Commercial space: 110 000 m2

Södra Värtahamnen, södra delen


Start building: earliest 2027

Completed: earliest 2029

Developers: 13

Total housing: 900

Commercial space: 20 800 m2



The Valparaiso phase is a sub-area in Värtahamnen that will encompass offices, commercial spaces, infrastructure, and residential properties. Overall, the project envisions approximately 200 homes and 130,000 square meters of commercial premises.

Start building: 2027

Completed: earliest 2033

Total housing: 200

Commercial space: 130 000 m2

Norra 2

Closed out

Phase Norra 2 is the first phase with sustainability requirements from the beginning. The distribution of housing is 60% rental apartments and 40% tenant-owned apartments. In the phase there are also service premises and a preschool.

Start building: 2014

Completed: 2016-2017

Developers: 8

Total housing: 600

Bike spots: 120

Parking spots (incl. carpool): 111


Closed out

Phase Västra consists of nine courtyards around Storängstorget and two preschools with eight departments. The phase has, among other things, an amphibian tunnel that makes it easier for amphibians to move through the area. Sustainability commitments in the phase were voluntary.

Start building: 2012

Completed: 2014-2017

Developers: 10

Total housing: 1 250

Bike spots: 178

Parking spots (incl. carpool): 149



Start building: Housing: 2027

Completed: 2029

Total housing: 190



Work is in progress with a plan program for phase Loudden. In addition to housing and workplaces, the area is intended to house trade, schools, preschools, sports facilities, squares and parks. Construction is estimated to begin in 2030.

Start building: 2030-2045

Completed: 2032-2045

Total housing: 4 000


Closed out

Phase Brofästet includes housing, premises on the ground floor and two preschools.

Start building: 2016

Completed: 2018-2020

Developers: 8

Total housing: 600

Bike spots: 194

Parking spots (incl. carpool): 55



Phase Kolkajen is planned for housing, preschools, 11,000 of commercial space, as well as parks, squares, quays and a water arena.

Start building: 2029

Completed: 2030-2035

Total housing: 1 300

Södra Värtahamnen, mellandelen


Start building: earliest 2028

Completed: earliest 2030

Developers: 2

Total housing: 600

Commercial space: 6 000 m2

Gasverket västra


Phase Gasverket Västra comprises part of Gasverket and includes, among other things, Gasklocka 1, Gasklocka 2, Bobergsskolan, Anna preschool, Hjorthagshallen, Spårvägsmuseet, restaurants and offices.

Start building: 2017 for Bobergsskolan

Completed: 2019-2026

Developers: 6

Bike spots: 223

Parking spots (incl. carpool): 19



The development of phase Energihamnen makes land available for urban development and the energy production can become more climate-smart.

Developers: 3



In Ropsten, no planning work is currently underway as future traffic solutions are being investigated. Land remediation is ongoing.

Start building: 2027

Completed: 2029-2030

Total housing: 650



In phase Ängsbotten there are ongoing plans for housing, as well as businesses premises, including a grocery store. Awaiting a new detailed plan, there is a temporary paddle facility and skate park on site.

Start building: earliest 2026

Developers: 2

Total housing: 520



In phase Starkströmmen, two office buildings will be replaced with a new office, data centre and electricity network station as well as an operations depot.

Start building: 2024

Completed: 2026-2028

Developers: 3



Phase Frihamnen can in the future accommodate homes and premises for offices and services. There is currently no active planning work for Frihamnen.

Completed: Approx. 2040-2050

Total housing: 2000

Commercial space: 50 000 m2

Gasklocka 3 & 4


A new residential building will be built where Gasklocka 4 previously stood. Gasklocka 3 is planned for cultural purposes.

Start building: earliest 2026

Developers: 1

Total housing: 320



The phase Terrasskvarteren will encompass 240 homes and commercial premises. The area strengthens the connections between Gasverket, Ropsten, and the new and older parts of Hjorthagen.

Start building: 2025

Developers: 2

Total housing: 240


Closed out

Värtapiren has been expanded by approximately 67,000 and Värtabassängen by 17,000. 1,200 meters of new quay have been built. In total, the pier has received five ferry berths and a new passenger terminal.

Start building: 2013

Completed: 2016

Developers: 1


Closed out

Phase Jackproppen consists of housing, a preschool with four departments and a new park.

Start building: 2019

Completed: 2022

Developers: 2

Total housing: 54

Bike spots: 6

Norra 1

Closed out

In phase Norra 2, there are housing, two preschools with seven departments and businesses premises. A quarter of the area is parkland. Sustainability commitments in the phase were voluntary.

Start building: 2011

Completed: 2012-2014

Developers: 10

Total housing: 670

Bike spots: 134

Parking spots (incl. carpool): 86